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Where Caroline has appeared in the media

If you would like to feature Caroline in your blog, magazine, newspaper, blog radio, podcast or other form of media – please contact her direct on She is happy to be featured, however she would welcome the opportunity to discuss your request with you.

BBC RADIO FOUR: The Food Programme. 

Podcasts: Tea: A Coffee Drinker's Guide, Dan Saladino, Part 1, March 6th and Part 2, March 12th 2017

Caroline is featured for in the second programme

WHERE Magazine, Washington, Baltimore. Article by Olga Boikess

Siason Kuche

Publication: Saison Küche
Type: Lifestyle Food Magazine
Circulation: 600,000+
Country: Switzerland
Download pdf click here to download the article as a pdf

Steffi Hidber from Saison wrote this lovely article after experiencing one of my Afternoon Tea Baking sessions. It was part of a special on tea and baking.

DividerFamilies online

Publication: Families Magazine
Type: Blog website & magazine directed at families
Readership: 1 million
Country: United Kingdom
Articles: The Fine Art of tea Tasting in London” “
Mother’s Day Tea Tutorial at St Ermin’s Hotel

Neil Hennessey Vass is a food writer and kindly wrote two articles featuring me for Families Magazine.


Blue Tomato

Type: Food, Drink & Travel review site
Country: United Kingdom
Articles: Tea Time with Mum

Taylor Burke came along to a Mother’s Day special Afternoon Tea event I did at St Ermin’s hotel and did a review for Blue Tomato.


Hey Pretty

Type: Lifestyle Blogging site
Country: Switzerland
Articles: Hey Pretty Travels: Teekurs in London” (“Hey Pretty Travels: Tea Course in London”

Steffi Hidber came to an exclusive 5 day Afternoon Tea training programme I ran. She was kind enough to blog about her experience and give her readers some insights into what she learned and liked about the experience. The blog post is in Swiss German.


Posh tea and cake

Type: Food Blogger (Tea and Cake)
Country: United Kingdom
Articles: A Little Mother’s Day Treat in London

Jenni Trimlett came along to a Mother’s Day special Afternoon Tea event I did at St Ermin’s hotel and did a little review for her own specialist tea and cake blog site.



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